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Jeff Golub

Most of you I'm sure are familiar with Jazz/Blues guitarist Jeff Golub. Last week I got the word that he had lost 90% of his eyesight. I of course was very saddened to hear this news especially since I had just done a show with him in Kansas City two weeks prior. I just want ask all of you, friends and fans of Jeff's to send a special prayer out to him and his family. Those of you who know Jeff know that he is a strong man and will continue on playing the guitar as only he can with energy and passion. What I have learned from this is that we can never take anything for granted, everyday and moment with friends and family is a gift!

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Great news!!

Hey friends, I am happy to tell you that we had a very successful run with my first release in ten years!! The single, "Here To Stay" reached #10 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz chart but also reached #6 on Allen Kepler's Smooth Jazz Network and #8 on the National BSD Smooth Jazz charts!! Once again, Thanks Cliff GorovJason Gorov, Euge Groove, Roy McClurg, Steve Hall, Ronnie FosterTony MooreMichael Sims and all my GOFUNDME supporters!! Special shout out to all the radio stations that are still playing the single!! 



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Darryl Williams Jam!!

News- Hey friends, if you are ever in Temecula on a Wednesday night come hang out with me and my band at my very successful "Open Mic" at The Old Town Pub And Grub!! Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a good time!!


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